The use and maintenance of anesthesia machine

The use of animal anesthesia machine
Since the weight of animals is much smaller than that of humans, special animal anesthesia machines are generally used. The functions of animal anesthesia machine are:

1. It can accurately control the depth of anesthesia of animals, and can effectively ensure the safety of experimental animals;

2. The anesthesia effect is good, the analgesic effect is strong, and the anesthesia can be maintained for a long time;

3. The animal wakes up quickly after stopping anesthesia, which is convenient for the next experiment;

4. Small side effects, little adverse effect on heart and lung, no effect on liver and kidney, no allergic reaction;

5. In case of emergency, it is conducive to rescue;

6. It can keep the airway open and the oxygen supply is sufficient.

Maintenance of animal anesthesia machine
1. The animal anesthesia machine should be stored in a dry, ventilated and dark place.

2. After each use, the animal anesthesia machine shall be maintained and maintained regularly, and the consumable parts such as the sealing ring shall be checked regularly.

3. The outside of the animal anesthesia machine should be kept clean, and it can be wiped with a soft cotton cloth or a damp cotton cloth.

4. Air leakage test should be done when using the animal anesthesia machine for the first time. After replacing the soda lime tank, it is best to conduct an air leakage test.