Respiration also plays an important role in animal monitors


What is RESP:
breaths per minute

The role of breathing:
to absorb oxygen. Providing oxygen for respiration is a life activity that all animals and plants have. The life activities of living things all need to consume energy, which is of great significance from the energy of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins in living organisms.

Clinical significance:
The monitoring of the respiratory system includes respiratory rate and respiratory force. The resting respiratory rate of routine examination is a sensitive indicator of the deterioration of lung function, and it is one of the important indicators for preoperative diagnosis, ensuring intraoperative safety and postoperative recovery.

Principle: Impedance method, thoracic movement during respiration causes changes in body resistance, and the change in impedance value describes the dynamic waveform of respiration. By connecting the ECG cable, respiration rate parameters can be monitored and displayed. End-tidal carbon dioxide, susceptible to interference, is less accurate.