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ZW-700/700D LED Surgical Light
ZW-700/700D LED Surgical Light
ZW-700/700D LED Surgical Light
ZW-700/700D LED Surgical Light
ZW-700/700D LED Surgical Light

ZW-700/700D LED Surgical Light

Categories: Vet Surgical Lamp
Model NO.: ZW-700/700D

ZW-700/700D LED Surgical Light

  • Simple and clear system operation interface, simple and easy to understand
  • High efficient and durable OSRAM LED light source without thermal radiation
  • Flexible design with PWM stepless dimming and adjustable color temperature
  • Switch lighting mode with one click: standard mode, endoscope mode, low light mode
  • Use PWMA optical lens, overall aluminum substrate heat dissipation, with a unique light concentrating technology, high light efficiency and low power consumption

Three lighting modes

  • Three Lighting Mode suit for various operation with different lighting requirement

Uniform Adjustable Light Spot

  • Multi layer spot overlapping technology, central focusing device, clear operation field

Excellent light source module design

  • Lamphead with 80pcs LED light source, which are divided into multiple light source groups
  • Excellent lighting collecting technology (lens focusing agnle is reasonable), Excellent light efficiency
  • Each group light source is controlled by CPU independently, if any group light source is broken, the light can still use
  •  Internal Light Source Structure: Engineering Plastic ABS + Aluminum Board, good heat dissipation and lighter weight

Color Temperature and Brightness Easy Adjustment

  • Color rendering index ≥ 85, near to real color as soon as possible
  •  Stepless PWM dimming to satisfy brightness requirement for different surgery
  •  Reasonable quantity and distribution design of high low color temperature light source, which achieve 4000-5000K color temperature adjustment

Easy Practical Operation

  • Soft Light with Eye Protection
  • Controllers for your optional

Mutual Control for Both Lamp Head

  • Both lamphead controller can control mutually each other`s color temperature, endoscope, camera and others ( knob dimmer have no this function)

Optional HD Camera System

  • Surgical Light can be equipped with built in camera or external camera system
  •  PWM technology, perfectly solving stroboscopic problem of the camera system
  • Remote consultation, remote teaching, large-screen conference, etc. can be realized via the Internet and operating process can be recorded at the same time

Stable Structure, Easy Install and Usage

  • Adjusted with removable sterilizer handle with bear 134℃
  • Balance arm of surgical light with square arm, lamp head can be pulled down vertically, and easy to rotate and adjust

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