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L60 Compact Handheld Veterinary Ultrasound
L60 Handheld Veterinary Ultrasound featuring premium image quality, considerate design for comfortable, fast and reliable detection of pregancy and gynecological diagnosic in difficlult field conditions on a dairly basis.

L60 Compact Handheld Veterinary Ultrasound


Fast and reliable pregnancy from

  • 28th day on cows
  • 13th on mares
  • 25th on sheep or goat

Maximum comfort while you work

  • Lightweight, only 0.6kg;
  • 5.8-inch WVGA LCD and excellent imaging quality and ergonomic design;
  • Versatile and easy use for all veterinary applications on bovine, equine, swine, etc;
  • Li-ion battery with 3 operating hours;
  • Images and videos export via USB 2.0 with 450 frame cine loop inside;
  • Software & Report for reproductive system, and measurement for distance, area, circumference, volume, angel, heart rate, etc.

Patent design:

Rectal Convex Probe (wide field of view and deeper penetration) + Works with sizes of IFR™ Probe Introducer;
Rectal Linear Probe + Works with sizes of IFR™ Probe Introducer;

FarmScan® L60 Rectal Linear and FarmScan® L60 Rectal Curve are preferred for use in large animals and for echocardiography of horses. Provides Doppler function- heart rate. Excellent choice for Vet echocardiography.

FarmScan® L60 Convex probe is a high-end system for pig-sheep-goat farms that have interesting in the nice image quality and stable quality.

FarmScan® L70, perfect for Pregnancy checking, Backfat checking, Eye muscles.The role of back fat detection:

Swine: back fat, muscle measurements, marbling Bovine: reproduction, back-fat

Sheep: back fat, Loin Muscle Area Scanning

Standoff for measurement of perimeter and area of loin This standoff is necessary for full display of loin eye in a transverse exploration, to perform the perimeter and area measurement.

  • If the swine is too fat, less reproductive performance, waste feed, increase farm costs;
  • Too less back fat will drop the utilization years;
  • sow too fat, more heat intolerance, heart, lung, limb hoof overburdened, hormone imbalances, easy to have a series of problems;
  • If the swine is too thin, it used too much body storage, bad for multiplication;
  • Pregnant pig too fat, also easily lead to stillbirth, or even sow death;
  • Keep a good balance of the back fat will keep the swine performance remained at a high level.

Various Transducer:

3.5MHz Convex array transducer Ultrasonic accessories 2Frequency Bandwidth: 2.0/3.5/5.0MHz


Pregnancy diagnosis, Pregnancy control, Counting

7.5Mhz Linear array transducerUltrasonic accessories 4Frequency Bandwidth: 5.5/7.5/9.0MHz


Obstetrics, Chest/lung exam, Transrectal Examination

of Sacroiliac Joints & Lumbo Sacral nerve roots

6.5Mhz Micro‐convex array transducerUltrasonic accessories 7Frequency Bandwidth: 5.0/6.0/7.5/8.0MHz

SMALL ANIMAL Applications:

Pregnancy control & reproduction diagnosis, Abdominal exams

3.5Mhz rectal  curve array transducerUltrasonic accessories 8Frequency Bandwidth: 2.0/3.5/5.0MHz


Pregnancy diagnosis, Pregnancy control, Counting

LARGE ANIMAL Applications:

Pregnancy diagnosis, Reproduction, Sexing, Abdominal

6.5Mhz Rectal linear array transducerUltrasonic accessories 6Frequency Bandwidth: 5.0/6.5/7.0/8.5MHz


Large Animals Reproductive, Equine Tendon

Clinical Images: