Parameter problems and solutions of veterinary patient monitors——NIBP is unstable


Non-invasive blood pressure performance issues
The measurement of blood pressure is to first inflate and then slowly deflate. It is not that the blood pressure data is constantly changing. The initial data is only the pressure of the trachea, which is continuously detected during the deflation process, and finally the real blood pressure data is measured.

2.1.1 Blood pressure can not be measured or can only be measured once or twice after multiple measurements
lFirst, confirm whether the animal is under anesthesia. If it is not under anesthesia, you need to try to appease the pet, do not move the measurement position, and no slight shaking can be seen with the naked eye. Tai, other data that can be measured are inaccurate. Our machine supports optional Shuntai blood pressure module, and it is more economical;
lIf the animal is under anesthesia, it is necessary to:
1. Check whether there is a pumping sound when you press the pump button, if not, it means the hardware of the machine is faulty;
2. Check whether there is air leakage in the cuff and whether there is air leakage at the connection of the extension pipe. If there is air leakage, it can be measured after treatment;
3. The cuff tube should be aligned with the animal artery. It is recommended to measure the forelimb and hindlimb. For the hindlimb, please choose below the knee joint, which is closer to the cylinder.
4. Standard cuff models #2, #3, #4, suitable for measuring the circumference are also marked on the cuff. If the size of the animal is larger or smaller, please contact us to purchase the corresponding cuff.
5. Atrial fibrillation heart rhythm, due to varying pulse strength, may also cause large errors in measurement results, and even blood pressure cannot be measured.

2.1.2 Excessive deviation of blood pressure measurement
l The blood pressure is high when the cuff is too small, and the blood pressure is low when the cuff is too large;
l When comparing with the machine, first of all, there is no standard for non-invasive blood pressure, only the simulator is calibrated. Therefore, different manufacturers have different algorithms, and the gap will be large, but it does not mean which one is inaccurate. The important thing for blood pressure is to measure continuously during the operation. , to provide a reference for blood pressure change trends. We did a comparative clinical test with the suntech blood pressure monitor. In fact, the test standards of each monitor are different;
lIt must be admitted that our non-invasive blood pressure is indeed not as strong as SunTechs machine in resisting movement interference, and requires anesthesia to obtain more accurate data; it can meet the needs of normal surgical monitoring, and we are also continuously improving blood pressure performance;
lIf it is the first data, it often deviates greatly from the subsequent data. The machine does not know how much gas to pump for the first time, but the technical memory will be formed in the follow-up, and the data will be more stable and accurate;
l The blood pressure in the supine position of animals can be 5~10mmHg higher than the systolic blood pressure in the sitting position, while for patients with orthostatic hypotension, the difference between the two can reach more than 20mmHg. Lateral recumbency is also a common position that can cause significant errors in blood pressure measurements. Some studies have found that in the left lateral position, the systolic blood pressure of the right upper limb is 10-20 mmHg lower than the measured value of lying down. Similarly, in the right lateral position, the blood pressure of the left upper limb is also lower than the actual value, and the limb is moving when the measurement is performed, or Excessive flexion of the upper limbs can also cause large measurement errors.