1.1.1 Measuring the tongue

 We have encountered a lot of similar feedback. Usually, we can find that the blood oxygen waveform (blue) pulse wave is irregular or the left histogram fluctuates very weakly. It should be less than 3 bars. The video or picture can reflect the measurement location.

 We recommend ensuring that the anti-skid pad of the blood oxygen probe is installed correctly, and the transparent windows of the light-emitting end and the receiving end of the probe are kept clean; secondly, adjust the position of the blood oxygen clip, and please measure the position close to the tip of the tongue, and ensure that the tongue is not bent or compressed; If the tongue is too thin, a layer of medical gauze can be added to weaken the light signal.

 At the same time, the failure of the blood oxygen probe cannot be ruled out. If the above cannot be solved, please use the probe to measure the position of the belly of the finger. If the measurement is still abnormal, the probe needs to be replaced.

 Animals may suffer from cardiac diseases such as arrhythmia. ECG cables and ECG clips can be used to monitor ECG instead of pulse rate obtained by blood oxygen.

1.1.2 Measuring the ear

 There is a large artery on the ears of cats and dogs, but the position is not fixed. As long as it is clamped to that artery, there is no problem. We have all measured the blood oxygen of animals that are not anesthetized. Please calm the ears and do not move. 

1.1.3 Comparison with other brands of machines

 First of all, it is necessary to explain that other brands of machines cannot be used as the criterion for accuracy;

 Generally, the products of unknown brands on the market, the workmanship or the price are lower than ours, the other party's stability is due to the false delay, and the data can no longer be measured, and the previous data delay will create a normal illusion. This seems to be a confrontation movement. It is a "good method" for interference, but once the blood oxygen plummets and the real data is not displayed in time, it will cause surgical accidents. We do real motion interference and seek to display real data. As long as the measurement position is correct (refer to 1.1.1), real data can be measured.

 If you compare well-known brands such as Philips, GE, etc., first of all admit that there is still a gap between the anti-interference performance and the world-renowned brands, so the operation requirements are relatively high. Another point is that the structure and performance of their blood oxygen probes It is true that it will be better than ours, but as long as it is clamped in the correct position, our products can also perform correct measurements and obtain stable clinical data.

1.1.4 Measurement lines, gauze and other inanimate objects have waveforms

 Let’s talk about the principle first: the blood oxygen probe is emitting light at one end and receiving at the other end. As long as it is opened at a certain angle, it will enter the measurement state, and the light signal will be analyzed and calculated. If the middle is opaque paper, there will be no signal. This is normal because the measurement principle is not a direct biochemical analysis of blood, but a physical photosensitive measurement.

 Let’s talk about the reason: In addition, when there is no signal, the regular movement combined with the light can simulate the approximate pulse wave waveform, and the heart rate and even the blood oxygen value will also appear.

 When we explain, we are not talking about making excuses to fool the client, but stating the facts. Our machine has obtained EU CE certification since 2011, and it has continued to the present (it will be reviewed every year in Germany, and if it fails to pass, the qualification will be revoked). It is definitely not an excuse. Our machine was originally sold to European animal clinics, and there is no such feedback. Yes Because doctors can understand the principle, this is accepted by the monitor industry standard and will not affect normal use. Of course, we also did not do well. Our customer service work did not pay attention to the differences in thinking and concerns of domestic and foreign users. It should be made clear to customers before installation to dispel customers' doubts in advance, rather than waiting for customers to find out afterward. .

1.1.5 The blood oxygen data is relatively slow at the beginning

 In terms of blood oxygen, doctors can observe that the waveform is not delayed, but the data is delayed.

 It is because the tolerance range of the data obtained by our machine is smaller at the beginning, in order to ensure that the data has a higher reliability when it comes out.

 The sampling period can be changed. The size of the sampling period will only affect the number of sets of data to be acquired at the beginning. Doctors will mistakenly think that it is delayed, but in fact, it is monitored in real time.

1.1.6 The pulse rate of blood oxygen measurement is unstable

 If the pulse rate is inaccurate If the pulse wave detected by the probe is weak, the pulse rate and the heart rate will be greatly different. You can adjust the position of the blood oxygen clip, measure the position of the tip of the tongue or the artery of the ear, and be careful not to bend the tongue. and oppression;

 If the tongue is too thin, you can add a layer of medical gauze to weaken the light signal.

 Another situation is that the animal may suffer from heart disease, and the heart rate can be monitored by using ECG cables and ECG clips. At this time, the heart rate will replace the pulse rate for display. At this time, the blood oxygen signal is stable, indicating that there is motion interference or light interference at the first measurement position.

1.1.7 The fluctuation of blood oxygen waveform is too low

 The amplitude of the waveform is positively correlated with the blood flow at the measurement point. The more blood flow, the higher the waveform amplitude;

 When measuring the ear or tongue of an animal, the blood flow at the measurement position is not as rich as that of human fingers, so the amplitude will be reduced. This is a real reaction and cannot be amplified, which will cause medical misjudgment and cause accidents;

 Really, the amplitude can be used as a reference to guide the doctor to find the position where the blood flow is more smooth and the PI (blood perfusion) is greater.