How do we save the infusion pump and what are the potential market values

Intravenous infusion is a commonly used mode of administration in clinical treatment. The infusion pump is an instrument that can accurately control the number of infusion drops or the infusion flow rate, and ensure that the drug can enter the patient's body accurately and safely at a uniform speed, and it is also an intelligent infusion device. Affected by the back pressure of the human body and the operator, the infusion is accurate and reliable, which helps to reduce the intensity of clinical nursing work and improve the accuracy, safety and quality of care of the infusion.

The infusion pump can realize the following functional characteristics: 
(1)It can accurately measure and control the infusion speed;
(2)It can accurately measure and control the infusion volume;
(3) It can detect abnormal conditions such as air bubbles, empty liquid, leakage and infusion tube blockage. Replacement, and automatically cut off the infusion channel;
(4) color LCD display;
(5) realize intelligent control of infusion. Product functions cover the basic functions of many popular products on the market, and have certain potential market value. Scope of technical application: Throughout the present, people lack exercise resistance and are prone to illness. In the hospital... (see more), you can often see a lot of people receiving intravenous drips. Now there are many patients who need to slowly press a certain amount of injections due to special diseases. If the infusion is performed at an hourly rate, if the nurses only stare at it, the workload of the nurses is very large, and it is easy to produce human errors. Therefore, a medical device that can operate and control the speed and time of the infusion according to the wishes of the nurses needs to be powered on. In terms of biopharmaceutical development and chemical industry, for example, some liquid pharmaceutical raw materials must be configured in strict proportions. Now the most common configuration is the test tube dropper configuration. This method of configuration through the human eye has many disadvantages and large errors. It is difficult to grasp the composition ratio of the liquid, so an instrument that can accurately measure the output liquid is required.


When operating the infusion pump, do not touch the power plug with wet hands, and do not use it in direct sunlight or strong light. When using, the sensor plug must be inserted tightly, otherwise it will not work properly. When not in use, put it on the seat on the top of the infusion pump to lock it to avoid damage when moving and storing. When charging, turn off the power switch before charging. When using it for the first time or after a long period of non-use, fully charge the battery before starting to use it. It is forbidden to store this infusion pump in a place where it is directly blown by cold and humid (hot) airflow such as fans, air conditioners, electric furnaces, heating, humidifiers, etc.