Common faults and treatment of respiratory rate


 Inaccurate breathing rate, sometimes not

It mainly occurs in the situation where the ECG cable measures the respiration rate. At this time, the general ECG waveform is also unstable. Optimize the connection and conductivity according to the ECG chapter;

The ECG cable measures the respiration rate through the impedance method. This method uses the electrodes of the two ECGs as monitoring points, allowing the horizontally determined low-current and high-frequency information to pass through the monitoring points on the two walls of the chest wall, and the impedance of the lungs changes with the frequency. And the change, the change of the impedance makes the output signal voltage change, in this way, the waveform and figure of the respiration can be detected. It is normal to have errors and instability, and more accurate and stable data can be obtained by using the ETCO2 module.